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Welcome to Wiki of the Kingdom of Kassia!

This is the official wiki for the steam RP group "the Kingdom of Kassia". Here you can find all the information concerning Kassia and it's fantastic universe. It is highly encouraged that you edit and echance the wiki yourself, by making comprehensive and related edits and by always being mature. Pages will be frequently watched for any suspicious activity and the perpertrators will be banned. For any questions you may have contact the admins of the wiki or the admins of the Kingdom of Kassia RP group. Most flags/Coat of Arms are made by Ougaard.


Kingdom of Kassia

Kingdom of Colia

Kingdom of Fosset

Grand Duchy of Florens

Empire of Andira

Daidom of Marovia

Republic of Veria

Free City of Mara


Faith of Tsecara

Pantheon of Fire

Gods of Light

Holy Sword

Worshippers of Mulawate


Former Countries


Ethnic groups